Your feet move swiftly upon the well trimmed field

The cadence plays keeping the beat

All one machine- the snares, quads and bass to no one they yield

You keep the rhythm and feel the pulse in your feet.
You stop in your spot- ready to start your show

The thing that keeps you going- that keeps you moving on

The one thing that means more to you than anyone will ever know

You could continue to do it all the way to dawn.
The drum major stands in front, hands at the ready

The drumline and pit hold their sticks

You poise your instrument to your mouth, holding it steady

The color guard waits to start their kicks.
The major moves their hands for the downbeat

The air has a crisp to it, but it feels right

It is cold, but you don’t miss the heat

You keep the cold instrument to your mouth- lips tight.
You march around the field to the drill you know by heart

You feel so much is very moment- more than anyone will ever know

You know you are better than everyone in the stands, so much more smart

You can feel everyone’s passion, the heart, the glow
In the blink of an eye the show is finished

You begin to walk off the field, slowly in a line

Everyone’s energy could never be diminished

We will always continue to shine.


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